Company Introduction

Vahid Refrigeration Industries boasts of over thirty years of experience in delivering services in the field of refrigeration industries, relying on the innovation and keeping up to date with top industrial phenomena, pointing out the whole picture of future progress and planning accordingly. The management board of the company made all basic steps such as planning, marketing and appropriate provision of its products using advanced machinery and personnel training a modern system and managed to obtain a standard certificate of ISo 9001/2000.

The activities of Vahid Refrigeration Industries can be divided into five categories:

First part: design and production of refrigeration products under the trade name of SAB COOL, including:

  • Evaporator
  • Condensing unit
  • Industrial coils
  • Design and implementation of special and ordered refrigeration systems

Second part: production of prepared sandwich panels with demounting capabilities, different types of sliding and hinged refrigerator doors with injected polyurethane insulator under the trade name of SAB COOL

Third Part: design and production of water condensers under the trade name of SANAT TABADOL (S&T).

Fourth Part: technical consultation and design of all refrigeration systems in the sales engineering department.

Fifth Part: provision and delivering of spare parts and extra services to meet the requirements of the consumers.

Vahid Refrigeration Industries hope to satisfy you by the diversity of production, 18 months of product guarantee and supporting extra parts for six months.