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Tuesday ,18 October 2016  |   : 1061   |     |    

Fifteenths International Exhibition of Heating and Refrigerating Systems and Equipment

Fifteenths international exhibition of heating and refrigerating systems and equipment was opened from 17th to 20th Oct. 2016 including activists from...
Monday ,28 March 2016  |   : 927   |     |    

Join the Official Telegram Channel of Sabcool Industrial Group

Join our telegram channel for the latest news and products from Sabcool company,
Sunday ,06 December 2015  |   : 929   |     |    

Introduction Conference of Sabcool Company in Mashhad Incorporating its Members

On Dec. 25th a conference comprising the manager and staff of Sabcool company and a body of refrigerating systems developers gathered in Sabcool&rsquo...
Monday ,30 November 2015  |   : 957   |     |    

Designing Your Required Refrigerator by Sabcool Engineers

Dear customers, you can consult the technical information department (refrigerator design) for obtaining better services in the field of refrigerator ...
Friday ,02 October 2015  |   : 995   |     |    

Danfoss Seminar with activists in this Industry

This seminar was held with the presence of Danfoss and activists in this industry. In this gathering, the Danish ambassador along with Danfoss represe...