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Forty years of brilliant history
We as SABCOOL in direct cooperation with world-renowned brands to supply the key components; including compressors, valves, electrical panels, and control equipment, are performing world-class quality control at our production line.
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Design and construction of various types of air conditioning systems
The air conditioning department of Vahid Refrigeration Industries Production Group provides all the facilities for designing and manufacturing various types of air conditioning systems in a customized manner and according to the needs of the project.
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Technical advice and after-sales service
The air conditioning department of Vahid Refrigeration Industries Production Group will accompany you from consulting, design, and installation to creating complete comfort.
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Experience comfort

Feel the cold and the heat with less energy consumption.

Quiet performance at the standard noise level

The only thing you feel
is your comfort.

Suitable for maintaining the beauty of the surroundings

Concealed under ceiling without damage to the surroundings.

Experience Comfort

Quiet Performance

Beauty Of Surroundings

Sabcool air conditioning

complying with up-to-date technology globally

Production of Air Conditioning Systems are with standard or custom design and within a wide range of capacities. Our various products are installed in residential as well as commercial or public buildings, including ducted splits equipped with original hydronic coil, mini chillers, and air- cooled chillers. Air Handling Unit (AHU) and Rooftop Packages are also within our products.

تهویه مطبوع صابکول مطابق با تکنولوژی روز دنیا

گارانتی معتبر

گارانتی معتبر محصولات، انبار قطعات یدکی و خدمات پس از فروش به مدت حداقل ده سال

reliable guarantee

Products’ reliable guarantee, spare parts warehouse, and at least 10 years after sales services

Professional consultation

Professional consultation, providing engineering solutions and technical drawings

official agent

Direct import and official agent for Copeland, Danfoss, Bitzer, and sole agent for Refcomp compressors

More than 40 years
of brilliant background

Vahid Refrigeration Industries boasts of over thirty years of experience in delivering services in the field of refrigeration industries, relying on the innovation and keeping up to date with top industrial phenomena, pointing out the whole picture of future progress and planning accordingly. From the start-up using modern machinery, up to date technology, and high-quality key components, the group successfully has manufactured its refrigeration and air conditioning products and has continuously supplied wide-range of products to the local market as well as the neighborhood countries.


The wide range of chiller applications in large buildings and its high cooling capacity...


Mini Chillers are the most appropriate choice for users who prefer chiller systems but...

Mini Chiller

Ducted Splits with two separate in-door and outdoor units, generally are installed in such a way...

Ducted Split

Rooftop package with the capability of feeding fresh air to the system and installing especial filters...

Rooftop Package

In any Chiller or Mini Chiller HVAC system, Fan Coil is the frontline part of the system which makes...

Fan Coil

Thermostat is a mechanical device to monitor and maintain the environment temperature...


modern machinery

5 large active production facilities fully equipped with modern machinery

high efficiency

Air conditioning systems equipped with inverter by demand, for higher efficiency

full-range capacity

Production of the full-range capacity of air conditioning systems and custom-made systems by demand

Electrical panel

Electrical panel and electronic equipment from topmost brands world-wide; Siemens, Danfoss, Carel, Schneider, …

Installation and commissioning

Installation and commissioning, and training of systems

quality-control tests

Recording quality-control tests output at all production stages, and perform final tests by modern instruments


As a privilege, our engineering team provides each customer with services; from the first stages of the project including technical and engineering solutions, visit the project venue, and finally rendering executable drawings for the best infrastructure build-up.


10 مورد که باید درباره کویل آب سرد بدانید

یک کویل آب، یک کویل آب است. در واقع فرقی بین ساخت کویل آب گرم...

کرونا و دستگاه‌های تهویه مطبوع

بیشترین میزان شیوع بیماری کووید 19 هنگامی اتفاق می افتد که فرد مبتلا در محیط...

چالش های سیستم تهویه مطبوع در بناهای تاریخی

نصب یا ارتقاء یک سیستم تهویه مطبوع در یک بنای تاریخی، کاری پیچیده و برخی...

شهرهای پرازدحام و سیستم داکت اسپلیت

پس از یک روز پر کار و هنگامی که خسته از کار روزانه در هوای...